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Who We Are

One third of women in America will have an abortion by age 45. Resources for Women was formed in 2001 as a response to the growing number of abortions being performed in Volusia county with the vision to pervade the culture in Daytona Beach with a life-affirming message that makes abortion unnecessary.

Resources for Women is a safe place for women experiencing unplanned pregnancy to confirm their pregnancy and consider their pregnancy options. This gives us the opportunity to reveal the truth about early fetal development and present life-affirming alternatives to pregnancy termination without coercion or manipulation.

There is a gap in the Christian culture between our respect and affirmation of the lives of the unborn and caring for the abortion vulnerable mothers in our community.

Resources for Women exists to offer women and men the education and support needed to make life-affirming decisions for their pregnancies. Our services allow us the opportunity to share the gospel in both word and deed.

Our Volunteers

It is only with committed volunteers that Resources for Women is able to provide a Christ-like and compassionate response to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies in our community.

Our volunteers come from many denominations and local churches around the Daytona Beach area. Resources for Women is not affiliated with any one church or denomination.

Resources for Women volunteers are mature believers and have a great deal of empathy for others. Requirements for all volunteers include the following: a proclamation of faith in Christ, being in good standing and regularly attending a local church, the practice of abstinence outside of marriage, respect and commitment to client confidentiality, no involvement in abortion protest activities, and a humble and teachable attitude.

Volunteer Standards

RFW could not succeed without dedicated volunteer support. Thank you for your interest. Given the special vulnerability of the women we serve and the desire of many abortion-advocates in the industry and the media to discredit our work, all volunteers must uphold high standards of professionalism, personal responsibility and Christian character in all they say and do. They must agree to:

Be dependable: Good intentions that lead to missed appointments or unfinished tasks leave us vulnerable to losing credibility and trust with frightened women who already feel they have no one to turn to for reliable help. We expect volunteers to be on time and stay for the time they have committed to the ministry. If you are unable to cover your shift on your regularly scheduled day you are asked to get a replacement for your shift. Always let the Client Services Director know when you will not be available for your shift and the name of the person who will replace you for that shift.

Maintain a servant’s heart: There are many jobs to be done at RFW; some are thrilling and many are menial. Staff and volunteers all ‘help where it’s needed.’ Those involved with client care will receive training and mentoring.

Follow the policies and procedures: RFW Policies and Procedures are written to foster excellence, and protect and guide all in the carrying out of their duties. We expect volunteers to follow policies and to work cooperatively with supervisors. Policy and Procedure Manuals can be found in the reception area and in the Client Services Director’s office. All staff and volunteers are expected to read the manual within one week of starting their duties.

Be devoted as a team through prayer: A time of prayer is provided for all staff and volunteers daily at 9:15am and 1:15pm. Volunteers are encouraged to attend these prayer times.

Provide a Letter of Recommendation: Be willing to provide a Letter of Recommendation from your pastor if asked to do so.

Be in agreement with our Statements: In order to assure harmony in the center we ask that all staff and volunteers be in agreement with our Statement of Faith and our Principles.

Keep confidentiality: All volunteers and staff are required to keep all information about our clients at RFW in the strictest confidence. We ask that you keep this information confidential even after you no longer volunteer at RFW.

Attend Quarterly Meetings: If you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting please let your Supervisor know in advance of the meeting. We require 75% attendance throughout the year. On-going training plays a vital role in the quality of service we provide to our clients.

Regularly attend a local church: RFW is a ministry of the Church to the community. As such, volunteers are asked to be involved in a local church/parish and in regular attendance. We ask that you attend at a minimum of twice monthly (on average-we understand that vacation and sicknesses happen).

Maintain a lifestyle of sexual integrity: Staying abstinent if single or faithful within marriage.

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